Though not offered by all insurers, a lay-up policy is a great way for motorcyclists in northern states to save during the off season. A layup policy is specifically for motorcyclists that experience a lot of ice and snow during the winter, which prevents them from getting out on their motorcycles for a fair amount of time during the year. This discount suspends the typical coverages you need while driving, such as collision, liability, towing, etc. With a lay-up policy, you end up paying only for comprehensive coverage during the non-riding winter months, which will continue to protect your bike from theft, fire, and other damage not caused by a collision.

It is very important for motorcyclists who decide to apply a lay-up policy during the winter months to call their agent and reinstate full coverage before taking their motorcycles out again for riding season. Riding underinsured is against the law in many states and can put you at serious financial risk.

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