An insurance policy is like having a long-term relationship. After all, we talk a lot about finding your “match” here at InsuraMatch. A good auto insurance policy will grow with you and even protect you, qualities you might also be looking for in a romantic relationship. But sometimes your insurance company no longer fits your needs (or your budget) and it’s time to breakup. There are many reasons why people change insurance companies, and these are among the most common.

Reasons to Change Auto Insurance Carriers


One of the biggest reasons people decide to switch auto insurance companies is the price of their policy. Over time, you may see your rates rise for a variety of reasons, whether it’s because you had a claim or violation, moving cities or states or something else. Shopping around different companies is a good way to see if your auto insurance rates are still in line with the market.

When comparing auto insurance quotes, you can shop the exact same coverage across multiple companies and you probably won’t see the same price twice. There are numerous factors that go into determining a rate, and sometimes they vary for companies, resulting in different price points for you. You should consider the coverage your auto insurance company is providing, as well as the reputation and the benefits the company can provide before making the switch to someone new.

The easiest and fastest way to shop around for auto insurance quotes is to work with an independent insurance agent. There are many benefits of using an independent insurance agency to shop for insurance. They work with multiple different insurance companies and are licensed to advise you on choosing coverage. They also have access to tools to make shopping for multiple comparison quotes easy and fast, which can save you time. If you’re thinking of changing auto insurance companies or wondering how to change auto insurance companies, an independent insurance agent can help.

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Poor Customer Service

You want people in your life who will listen to you when you have a question or a problem. The same holds true for your expectations of your insurance company. After a bad experience with a car insurance company, many people choose to reevaluate their options. Even loyal customers who have remained with a particular company for numerous years may consider a switch if they do not feel like they have a relationship with their insurance provider.

If this happens to you, consult your insurance agent for recommendations for an insurer that has a great reputation for handling claims and customer service inquiries. Since agents work with many different people with different insurance needs, they’ll have a good idea which companies are better to work with than others.

Lifestyle Changes

Just like it’s possible to outgrow a relationship, you can outgrow your insurer, too. As your life changes, you may find that another insurance company would be a better fit for you and your insurance needs. It’s important to disclose life changes to your insurance company to ensure the proper protection.

Your life changes can affect your auto insurance rates. Things such as a new car or new home in a new town, adding additional drivers, especially teenagers or drivers with poor records can all change your monthly premium. It’s also possible that an insurance company isn’t comfortable with the changes you’re making and may raise the premium to try to get you to change providers.


While coverage is the most important element when shopping for an auto insurance policy, a few perks don’t hurt! You may find that you’re getting more value out of your premium for coverage with a certain insurance company thanks to added features for policyholders or more discounts to choose from. Also consider whether you feel more comfortable using a national insurer or a regional insurer with expert knowledge of the risks in your local area.

Personal Preferences

It may go without saying, but every person and policy are unique. Sometimes it’s not the coverage or the price but just the quirks that make you ready to switch auto insurance companies. Maybe you’ve run into restrictions on coverage, or had a poor online experience or a friend tells you a claims horror story. Another friend may rave about their insurer, tempting you to switch. Whatever the reason, it can’t hurt to shop around and assess your options (as long as you don’t have any gaps in coverage while deciding about switching!).


Shopping around for a new auto insurance carrier can be annoying, but totally worth it. Whether it’s to find a better fit or a better price, there are many reasons why shoppers seek to change auto insurers.


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