Spring is finally here and one of the most exciting parts about warmer weather is that you can take your motorcycle out of storage and ride the roadways (and trails) again.

But before you begin another season of riding, be sure your bike is safe to ride. Here are some tips to help guarantee your motorcycle is ready for another season.

Tips to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Riding Season

Dust off your bike

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we mean this as not just a quick wipe. Take the time to remove any plugs, rags or whatever else you may use to keep out animals and other objects. If you applied coating, be sure to wash it away before riding.

Test the controls 

Take a look at and test anything you can. This means you should examine cables and hoses for any issues, including kinks or cracks. Also take a look at pedals and levers and make sure they are lubricated enough.  Lastly, test the throttle. You will want to make sure you have the smoothest first ride back possible.

Check your tires and breaks to make sure they are working properly 

This should go without saying, but be sure to check and make sure you have just enough air in your tires. In addition, be sure your brakes are working properly. Both are things you’ll want to do before finding out the hard way they aren’t working properly.

Rev the engine

Before putting your bike away it’s best practice to either spray fogging oil or lubricate the top of the cylinder. If you didn’t do this, take the spark plugs off and pour 2 teaspoons of oil into the port.

Double-check the chain and sprockets

Does your sprocket have missing teeth? What about uneven wear? These are things you will want to fix before hitting the road. Also make sure you have just enough slack in the chain. Be sure to lubricate the chain before riding.

Charge the battery

A lot of people will remove the battery (and keep it charged) before storing their bike. If this is the case, all you have to do is clean the cables and terminals with a wire brush, then grease and reconnect. If you stored the bike without disconnecting the battery or using a smart charger, the battery will need to be fully charged or replaced if it won’t hold a charge.

Protect your bike with wax and leather dressing (for saddlebags) 

Take the time to protect your bike from the elements with whatever your preferred waxing routine is. This can help preserve your bike.

Put together a spare kit 

As you anxiously wait for the first good day to ride, consider putting together a spare kit of parts you could replace if something happened. Keeping this on hand for your rides could save you an even bigger headache. You may also want to consider packing a small first aid kit to take on the road.

Update your insurance policy.

Be sure to check your motorcycle insurance policy is in good standing and that you're fully covered on the road. If you have made any additions or changes to the bike, let your agent know. If you lowered or changed your coverage while your motorcycle was stored away you will need to change that before hitting the open road. To get a new quote for motorcycle insurance online quote click here

Brush up on your safety knowledge

Finally, reviewing the rules of the road and what to do if you’re in an accident and other emergency situations is helpful before starting a new motorcycle season. Really use the time before now and warm weather to fully prepare yourself for the road. For more information about motorcycle insurance click here

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